Daniel “Bitclic” Welzel was born in 1995 in Germany and started creating music at the age of eight. While getting taught to play the piano and guitar he started writing his first chord progressions and recorded them on his keyboard whith basic song arrangement capabilites. He used an old tape deck to record and mix his music and began to share it with friends on cassette tapes. As a young teenager he found inspiration in electronic music. In 2009 he got into working with DAWs and sound design. The artist name "Bitclic" was created in 2011. Bitclic started producing music in many different genres but mostly focussed on bouncy Electro House. After a take on more modern pop production, Bitclic eventually took a longer break from releasing any music. In the following years he would focus on sound design and worked on his own sound which is heavily influenced by 80’s synthwave music. Today, after many years of appearing inactive, Bitclic is releasing music again, trying to create nostalgic, driving and yet danceable soundscapes.

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