About Bitclic

Bitclic (Daniel Welzel) was born 1995 in Germany and started creating music at the age of 8. He learned to play the piano and soon after got into playing the guitar. He used an old tape deck to record and mix his music and began to share his music with his family and friends.

Daniel did not enjoy electronic music at that point and mostly made rock music. When he first got his own keyboard with a huge bandwith of preinstalled synths he started to create atmospheric sounds by using a lot of pads and chilled out drum beats. He got really good in playing the drums on a keyboard which later resulted in actual drum lessons.

At the age of 13 he first encountered electronic music and was fascinated by the fact that you can arrange whole tracks by using PC software only. In 2009 he got a copy of Fl Studio and on the same day he created a remix of the track "I like to move it". A track used in the animated dreamworks movie "Madagascar". What first was meant to be a joke became serious music production after some time and Daniel created many tracks in all kind of different genres.

The artist name "Bitclic" was created in 2011. Before that he just used the username of his YouTube account "xXDakillUpXx" which later became "Deejayreall". He realized that those names do not really reflect any of his identity. Since he was kinda into Chiptune like music and always enjoyed video games and pixel art the name "Bitclic" somehow came up.

There aren't many genres Bitclic started to produce in at some point but he never was sure what genre suits him best. That wasn't a problem for him at first but he later realized that "genre jumping" isn't good for building up a certain crowd. He mostly produced Electro and now found his place in the deep- and futurehouse scene.


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